13th June – Hip Openers and Backbends Workshop

Urdhva DhanurasanaThis yoga workshop will lead you through a series of asanas to free tension in the body in preparation for safe back bending.   We will progressively move through a set of hip opening asanas and learn some basic key actions to ensure safe alignment and freedom in backbends.

Hip opening poses and back bends have many benefits, both on a physical and emotional level.   Releasing muscle tension from the hips can help alleviate tightness and discomfort in the back, and increase flexibility and strength. Hip openers also help us to let go of anxiety and stress which can otherwise stay ‘locked’ in the body. If we mindfully prepare the body through a series of asanas that work on freeing tension in the rest of the body, including hips, quadriceps, psoas, upper back and shoulders then we can begin to move safely over time into back bending postures. These asanas can help increase strength and mobility in the spine, boost your immune system and are energising.

This workshop is suitable for beginners.

Cost: £20

Date: Saturday 13th June 2015, 11.00am – 1.00pm 

Location: The Yoga Barre, 32A Leeds Road, Ilkley

Booking: Book Directly at www.theyogabarre.co.uk