Online Classes

Gillian offers weekly live streamed yoga classes online via Zoom.   Using Zoom is really easy.  All you need is your laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection.

Class Price: £9 per session (1 hour 15 mins) 

Hatha YogaTuesday19.00-20.15Enquire Now
Gentle YogaWednesday9.00-10.15Enquire Now


Step 1:

Download Zoom to your device.  You only need the basic package.

Step 2:

Register for the class you wish to attend and fill in the health questionnaire to inform me of any illness or injury that may affect your practice.

Step 3: 

Follow the meeting link in your confirmation email.  Allow 10 to 15 minutes before the start of class to sort out any audiovisual issues.

Step 4:

Gather all the yoga props you think you might need including your mat, cushions/blocks, blanket etc and make sure you have enough space to move safely.

Set up your device in a place where you can easily see the screen including when you are lying down 

Remember if you can’t see your screen – I can’t see you!

Step 5:  

Relax and enjoy the class!

How do the Live Streamed Yoga Classes Work?

In the live streamed yoga session I am able to interact with all of you in the class.  We will begin with up to 15 minutes chat time before the class starts so you can ask any questions or catch up with others in the group.  (There is a private chat button if you wish to tell me something that you don’t wish to share with the group e.g. illness or injury) 

I will guide the class in just the way I would in person – feel free to ask questions!

Normally I will mute the group so that you can hear me more clearly but if you want my attention you can unmute yourself and you can also wave!

If a posture doesn’t feel good, just stop moving and gently come out of the pose – this is also a helpful message to the me.

You can can change your display by tapping the screen for the ‘change view’ control. If you mainly want to see the teacher choose the ‘Speaker’ option (and choose to ‘pin’ speaker, if only want to see the teacher).

For best internet connection close all your other tabs.  If your wifi is a bit unreliable, choose the room with the best reception.

If you are nervous about the technology please don’t worry – I will happily help you figure it out!  It is all very straightforward.  


Each session is £7 for 1 hour and 15 minutes.