Carly Payne

I always look forward to Gillian’s classes as I come out feeling calm and refreshed. Gillian has great teaching skill and is always on hand to correct or help with a position. Attending Gillian’s class has helped me tone as well as learn to relax

Cathy Heaton

Gillian has a wonderful quality which she brings to her classes enabling her students to completely relax and feel fully refreshed.  Her enthusiasm is contagious which makes her classes fun and thoroughly enjoyable.  Her classes are the highlight of my week!

Annu Mistry

Gillian’s classes are always a pleasure to attend, she has a very calming quality and always attends to each clients needs

Alpa Desai

Gillian’s yoga is amazing, I thoroughly enjoy her classes, after a long stressful week, I really really look forward to her classes. Gillian offers great techniques, calmness, and always manages to relieve any stress build up. She offers one to one attention when needed, which is great!  Her classes have also helped me tone up and lose some weight as well as make me a lot more flexible! She even manages to make me fall asleep during the last 5 minutes when we are in the complete relaxing stage!!  She is a great teacher and her calmness and friendliness are great in helping you relax.  I would recommend her classes to everyone, once you start, you become addicted to her yoga!

Thanks so much Gillian!!!

Mrs Lucy Stokes

Making the decision to choose a private teacher is very difficult as you never know what you are going to get. However, Gillian is one of the best teachers possible and with her brilliant teaching skills combined with her great sense of humour and calm manner it is a absolute pleasure to be taught by her – just a shame I can only do once a week!!

Lorraine Oakley

I enjoyed Gillian’s recent Hip Opening Yoga workshop, she is a caring teacher who wants her students to develop at the right pace for them. Her directions are clear and various options are given in each pose so everyone can find the right pose for them.  The workshop was run with humour and with understanding for the varying abilities of her students.  There was a total relaxation period at the end which left you feeling totally relaxed and re-energised.  I could feel the benefit of the Yoga during the days following the session.

Emma Wallis

I emerged from Gillian’s personal yoga session feeling energised and inspired. Gillian’s calm and friendly approach allows everyone from complete beginners to seasoned yogis to feel good about their yoga practice and encourages people to try to tickle the boundaries of belief. I say tickle because Gillian’s approach to yoga is accepting and all encompassing, she doesn’t push her students in the manner of a sergeant major, but finds a way to connect to their philosophies of life allowing them to believe that pushing boundaries is possible without effort or strain. Gillian oozes enthusiasm for yoga and the master classes she herself has attended and she uses this knowledge to encourage and inspire her students. I found her class and her approach to yoga gentle and down to earth. She doesn’t try and bamboozle people with complicated terminology or difficult asanas, but makes sure that each asana is executed properly in order to reap the full benefit for the student. The sequence of asanas was well structured and personalised and a personal class allowed me to linger on asanas I’ve always found difficult and tackle the reasons why. The afterglow from a class with Gillian lasted all week and provided me with the kick start I needed to continue my practice alone

Dora Amicus Horizon

The Yoga classes are fantastic. It’s a really nice break in the working day and it totally energises you. I feel really good after each class. I would recommend this to anyone!

Virginia Amicus Horizon

I would say that Gillian’s classes are suitable for all levels of experience/ability, good fun and friendly! You leave feeling relaxed and calm with renewed energy to tackle the rest of the day!