GillianGillian received her yoga teacher certification with distinction through the Triyoga Teacher Training programme in London (British Wheel of Yoga accredited).  She has subsequently studied pregnancy and post-natal yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Yoga Therapy for 21st Century Conditions through Yoga Campus, Restorative Yoga with Anna Ashby and Opening Yoga to Everyone with Matthew Sanford, a yoga training for people with disabilities . Over the course of 8 years she has taught many different types of classes including private yoga sessions, gym classes, pregnancy and post-natal sessions, yoga for tired teachers at a special needs school, yoga classes for people suffering from mental illness at a secure mental health unit and yoga for adults with special needs and learning disabilites at residential care centres. She believes yoga can be beneficial for anybody.Her yoga teaching is strongly based on the principles of correct alignment. Gillian places strong emphasis on connecting with the breath during yoga asana practice to achieve and maintain a deeper awareness of our physical and mental state. She teaches the yoga asana sequences in a methodical way so that the student is progressively able to release both physical and emotional tension. However, she also likes to make the yoga class fun and enjoyable so that the students leave feeling relaxed and refreshed in both body and mind.


Gillian started practicing yoga 14 years ago, shortly after moving from Scotland to London. Having grown up in a quiet village in the west of Scotland she found living in London hectic and stressful and was introduced to yoga by a friend who said it could help alleviate that stress.   She was hooked from the first class and has been deepening her practice and study of yoga ever since.  Having recently moved up from London, she currently teaches private yoga sessions in and around Ilkley, Skipton, Addingham, Guiseley, Burley in Wharfdale, Menston and Harrogate in West Yorkshire.Her personal yoga practice has included a mixture of styles. Her introduction to yoga was through an Astanga class where she immediately connected with the flow of moving the body with the breath. As the years have gone by, her style has moved more towards those practices which emphasise alignment such as Iyengar yoga. Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation continue to be a very important part of her yoga practice and it is from the practical application of these disciplines that she is able to learn through experience and thereby teach what she has learnt to others.She is passionate about yoga and continues to attend regular classes and joins yoga workshops whenever possible in order to deepen her own understanding and experience of yoga.


2005 – (British Wheel of Yoga – Julia Wheatley) Yoga Foundation Course2005 – 2007 (Triyoga Soho, London) Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (with distinction) – British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teacher2009 (Sitaram Yoga – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli) Incorporating the pre-natal & post-natal student into a group class – Uma Dinsmore Tuli (BWY Course)2010 (Sitaram – Uma Dinsmore Tuli) Pregnancy & Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training2010 (YogaCampus , London) Yoga Therapy for 21st Century Conditions (IBS, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, M.E. and sub-fertility )2011 (Anna Ashby & Chris Swain) Restorative Yoga Teacher Training2012 (Triyoga Soho, London – Matthew Sanford) Opening Yoga to Everyone – teaching yoga to students with disabilities2013 (British Wheel of Yoga In Service Training – Gary Carter) Yoga & Kinaesthetic Sense