Corporate Classes

corporate yogaResearch has shown that a programme such as a weekly yoga and relaxation class can effectively reduce stress levels, leaving your employees happier, healthier and more relaxed.  Corporate yoga is more than just exercise and more tailored than a general yoga class. It is a complete programme that addresses the mind and body together and one which progressively builds the foundations of a regular yoga practice. 

Class Options

An eight week beginner’s yoga course, consisting of a weekly one hour class is recommended. This may then be followed by subsequent yoga courses, each expanding on the foundation course and progressing onto more challenging practices.  1.5 hour yoga classes are also available on request, as are ongoing weekly or one-off classes. 


Yoga classes can be taught at a time which suits your company.  Normally, these would take place before or after normal work hours or during lunchtime but can be offered at other times of the day if this is more convenient. 

Room / Equipment

You will be required to provide a room and students are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Students are welcome to bring their own yoga mats.  However, yoga mats are also available for purchase at £20 each. 


The fees are normally determined by the type and length of yoga programme you need.  Please contact Gillian to discuss your requirements further. 


The Yoga classes are fantastic. It’s a really nice break in the working day and it totally energises you. I feel really good after each class. I would recommend this to anyone! Dora, Amicus HorizonI would say that Gillian’s classes are suitable for all levels of experience/ability, good fun and friendly! You leave feeling relaxed and calm with renewed energy to tackle the rest of the day! Virginia, Amicus Horizon For more details see the Corporate Yoga Brochure or to enquire further: